NOW OPEN IN Lakeview!

StretchLab is now open in Lakeview! We’re excited to bring assisted stretch to Chicago. Get started by booking your 50-Minute Intro stretch for only $49 & see how StretchLab can help you release stress, increase workout results & help you live longer! Hurry, this special won’t last long.


Not Just for Athletes

Your body spends its day trying to hold you together, restricting motion, tightening muscles, pulling you back in. StretchLab launches you back into your life, propelling you forward with the newfound energy that comes from your body moving, working and feeling exactly the way you want it.

Take Your Fitness Game to a New Level

You’ve heard it for years, if you’re going to exercise, you’ve got to stretch. Stretching helps the body heal after a good workout. By adding a weekly stretching session to your fitness routine, you can help your body recover, and see even more gains from your workouts.

Stretching Is for Everyone

Athletes understand just how important it is to the human body to keep your muscles loose. Just because you’re not running a 4-40, or climbing mountains, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need to relax. Our Flexologists understand the human body, and can help anyone, no matter your age or body type.

StretchLab Lakeview

3601 N Southport Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613

Book Your Intro Stretch Today!


Book Your Intro Stretch Today!